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Mum benefitted by continuing to live at home close to her friends and having much needed support from her son and carers, I have benefitted immeasurably from seeing her happy.

Although leaving a full time occupation as a professional carer was daunting, it didn't take long to realise that most of mums friends and neighbours needed care, support and help in some way, whether a trip to the shops, ironing, gardening etc. The list continues to grow.

Before long I began "CARE NORTH WEST" based on the needs of my mum, her friends and neighbours-and we now continue to go from strength to strength - I was resigned to helping my mum get the best out of her life - and she made me realise i could train others and offer a level of care commercially

Now I have mum, and a rewarding career - She never ceases to inspire me!

...Thanks Mum.