AJAX CRUD operations

By | 12/02/2015

I was looking for a way to use CRUD operations using WebAPI with AJAX.  I found various ways to do this…

Kendo Grid (Telerik)
Angular JS
JQuery asp.net CRUD tutorial
Form view – classic radGrid

RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX supports client-side binding to web services or page methods as demonstrated in this online demo of the product. In order to assign data source for the grid and refresh its state on the client, utilize the set_dataSource(dataSource) and dataBind() methods from its client-side API. Keep in mind that the data source passed as an argument to the set_dataSource method should have JSON signature which can be serialized by a web service or a page method.

The demo illustrates how to:

  • Extract information about the selected data item on the client
  • Insert/ update/delete grid records client-side using external form
  • Bind the grid on the client

The source for the grid is generated via web service (MyWebService.asmx).