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SVG to background-image converter

Very useful tool for converting SVG’s to CSS background-image class. Source: SVG to background-image converter Useful tool for optimizing svg files:  

Grid + Flexbox: the best 1-2 punch in web layout

We’re 5 days away from the stable release of Firefox 52. Do you know what this means? This means in 5 days, CSS Grids will be supported, And Chrome 57 will follow close behind on March 14, then Safari 10.1 and hopefully Edge, before the end of 2017. Source: Grid + Flexbox: the best 1-2 […]

A fully responsive equal height grid using Flexbox

Using flexbox to create a list of cards with equals heights based on the contained content maximum height. Note to self: dont set heights on containers when using flexbox! Source: An equal height grid using Flexbox | Charlotte Jackson, Front-end developer Here is my own implementation…