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How to target Windows 10 Edge browser with javascript (with objectfit example usage)

Detects all versions of IE including the latest version of Windows 10 Edge.  It also detects for modernizr.  My example below uses Modernizr to replace the unsupported objectfit CSS property in IE.  It gets replaced with a background image. <script> // Execute this if IE is detected. function msieversion() { var ua = window.navigator.userAgent; var […]

Recreating the Google Images Search Layout with CSS — SitePoint

Great tutorial from SitePoint explaining how to create a dynamic Google Images style User Interface. See the Pen Google Images search in CSS by Steven Collins (@stelco74) on CodePen. Edit: Better version which allows inline content (html) and has a built in carousel to navigate through the cards whilst in expanded mode 🙂 Demo: […]