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Recreating the Google Images Search Layout with CSS — SitePoint

Great tutorial from SitePoint explaining how to create a dynamic Google Images style User Interface. See the Pen Google Images search in CSS by Steven Collins (@stelco74) on CodePen. Edit: Better version which allows inline content (html) and has a built in carousel to navigate through the cards whilst in expanded mode 🙂 https://github.com/oriongunning/gridder Demo: […]

Grid + Flexbox: the best 1-2 punch in web layout

We’re 5 days away from the stable release of Firefox 52. Do you know what this means? This means in 5 days, CSS Grids will be supported, And Chrome 57 will follow close behind on March 14, then Safari 10.1 and hopefully Edge, before the end of 2017. Source: Grid + Flexbox: the best 1-2 […]

Unsemantic CSS Framework (Responsive)

Unsemantic is a fluid grid system that is the successor to the 960 Grid System. It works in a similar way, but instead of being a set number of columns, it’s entirely based on percentages. via Unsemantic CSS Framework.

Kendo Grid In Action – CodeProject

  Applying Kendo Grid on existing HTML Table Paging, sorting, filtering using Kendo Grid Resizing Kendo Grid Creating grid from JSON Data Rebind Kendo Grid with JSON Data Adding new row to Grid Getting selected row’s data Removing row/record from Kendo Grid Iterate through all rows Hide column from Kendo Grid Creating template column on […]