Archive (Contemporary Media)


A collection of my sketchbook work which i have scanned in and presented in a digital format. None of this work has been manipulated using any computer applications apart from increasing contrast to display the faded media and cropping to fit within the website layout .

Storyboards / Illustration / Graphic Design / Desktop Publishing


A collection of my design work showing projects from concept through to final publications. This includes all types of design for print ranging from flyers, posters, stationery etc...

Websites / Content Management Systems / Blogs


A collection of my fully XHTML1.0 and CSS compliant website and Content Management System (CMS) developments.

Flash Animation / bespoke web application development


A collection of Flash projects i have developed using Actionscript 2.0, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Also includes bespoke application development.

Video / Audio


A collection of videos and audio which i have produced and edited. Includes podcast production and administration.

3d graphic development